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Starting at $899

Featuring an 850-coil density system, 3 zones of comfort, essential cooling features, and memory foams that contours to your body—with upgrades available with more cooling layers and support.


Starting at $1249

Featuring select materials up to 70% sustainable, this supportive, pressure-relieving foam mattress was designed for cool, comfortable, and restorative sleep.



Starting at $569

For ultimate pressure relief


support, resilience, and temperature regulation for the coolest, most comfortable sleep ever.




Motion Air®

Adjustable Base

Starting at $599

Now you can enjoy the customized comfort of an adjustable base at Serta’s most affordable prices ever. 


Motion Essentials®

Adjustable Base

Starting at $699

A versatile adjustable base for customized comfort.


Motion Perfect®

Adjustable Base

Starting at $1549

Customize your sleep from every angle with multiple comfort options and a fully wireless remote.

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