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Wellsville 14" Latex Hybrid

Wellsville 14" Latex Hybrid

$1,999.99 Regular Price
$1,499.99Sale Price


Your ultimate sleep experience starts with our plush latex foam that cradles your body with responsive and springy softness. While our supportive individually-encased coils add the time-tested bounce of an innerspring mattress. Ideal for adjustable bed bases, the 14-inch profile offers a softer, more plush experience than the 11-inch mattress.

Feel the Difference

Latex foam has a unique feel that is both contouring and responsive. It’s a perfect match for customers seeking a firmer mattress that offers a little push-back—unlike the sink-in feel of memory foam.


  • Naturally springy and responsive, our latex layer offers firm support that keeps your body floating on the top of your bed, instead of sinking into it.


  • Gel-infused memory foam is designed to support, contour, and cradle the natural curves of the body while properly aligning the spine.


  • Individually-encased coils absorb and isolate motion, so you and your partner can enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.
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