Knowing Your Mattress Options 
How to Get Smart Before a Mattress Store Visit


It pays to take a little time to become an educated consumer. That means familiarizing yourself with the basic types of mattresses on the market and how to pick one that’s a match for your body, your preferences, and your budget. Are you a side sleeper? Do you suffer from back pain? Are you disturbed by your partner’s movement in the night? These are all things that will affect which type of mattress will be the best match for you.

Once you have a sense of which type of mattress is most likely to suit your needs, you'll enter the store armed with the information you’ll need to evaluate mattresses in person and determine which are a good match for you.


How to Evaluate a Mattress in the Store


Mattresses of the same type have a way of looking and feeling similar in the store. Here’s how to assess and compare mattresses to determine which is best for you. Lie down on the mattress in your favorite sleep position, ideally with a pillow, and ask yourself the following questions:

Is your spine supported in neutral alignment? You can ask a friend to look at your back. Your spine should maintain its natural “S” curve when you are on your belly or your back, and it should be straight when you’re on your side. Lie still for at least 10 minutes. Do you feel pressure on your shoulders, hips, or elbows? This will give you a sense of the mattress’ ability to provide pressure relief, which can affect how comfortably you sleep.

Does the mattress feel comfortable? Comfort is a matter of personal preference—there’s no “right” answer. Does it feel too hard, too soft, or just right? How much does the mattress move underneath you if someone sits down or moves around on the other side of the bed? If you’re disturbed by your partner’s movements in the night, a mattress’ motion isolation is something you’ll want to test out. When you lie close to the edge of the bed, does the edge feel stable? Or does it compress so that you feel like you’re going to roll off? This will tell you something about the quality of the mattress’ edge support, and whether or not that’s important to you.



Based on your knowledge of the going rate for your mattress, choose a retailer willing to give you a fair price for the mattress you want. A quick visit to the selected manufacturer's website will be a good idea, this assures you are purchasing the newest available models at the best price possible.


Store Policies

Keep in mind that a retailer may have additional services (like financing) that add value to your purchase. Be aware and ask, if the mattress you will be receiving was made to order meaning the manufactured date on the label should be at most within 1-2 weeks from the time you ordered it. If it is not, The mattress may have well been sitting in a dusty warehouse, also know whether or not there’s a chance you’ll be receiving a “refurbished” mattress and if the retailer offers any additional assurance you are not getting a refurbished mattress. A quick search on Google will tell you which companies do and don't. 


Related Products

When buying your mattress, you may also want to consider related products that should ideally be purchased at the same time as your new mattress. Mattress Protectors protect your mattress warranty. A stain on a mattress can invalidate the manufacture warranty. Other common items that can be purchased with your mattress include pillows and sheets.



Many retailers will deliver your new mattress, set it up in your home, and remove and dispose of your old mattress. This service may be offered free or at an additional charge. Read reviews of the retailer you’re considering to get a sense of the store's track record for customer service and issue resolution. 


After the Purchase

And, that’s it! Sleep well on your new mattress, and check out your Mattress Owner’s Manual, your guide to getting the most from your new mattress over time.

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